Are you ready to make the leap into leadership? WSB’s Leadership MBA program will unlock your leadership potential and enable you to make a positive difference for your organization. Leadership matters, a lot, and good leadership is necessary in today’s competitive business environment. By sharpening your leadership skills and abilities during this 18-month MBA program, you will grow in your profession, improve your organization, and develop as a leader. Let’s take the leap together and make a difference in our world.  

dr Olin O. Oedekoven
Peregrine Leadership Institute

They bring in an intrinsic value that gives our MBA Program an edge over other similar programs. Our faculty is composed of academics and professionals with rich hands-on experience, who know how to teach in an engaging and effective manner. The teaching staff includes:

  • Dr Grzegorz Dzwonnik – manager, consultant, academic teacher, strategic management and project management expert; leading assessor of IPMA Global Project Excellence Award; partner to the international think-tank Synergy Services Group; certified project manager (PMP, P2P, CSM, CSPO); member of IPMA Poland; honorary member of PMAN Nepal
  • Dr Liam Fassam – Thought leader, Researcher & Implementer of collaborative logistics, supply & social value solutions, supported with knowledge from a Senior Management career spanning over 27 years; engaged as Research Institute Director, strategically leading research allied to societies connection to logistics, Supply chain and transportation, whilst developing corporate and career pathways [enterprise] in logistics and transport
  • Dr Tomasz Kalinowski – trainer specialized in communication and negotiation skills, in both national and international settings; conversant in international business relations; expert on Germany as Poland’s principal business partner; boasts many years’ experience in diplomacy, former minister-counselor and head of Economic Department at the Embassy of Poland in Berlin; teaches the International Economics and Business module
  • Dr Olin O. Oedekoven – boasts more than 35 years of leadership experience at all organizational levels in both the private and public sector; studied at South Dakota State University and University of Wyoming; earned his MBA and Doctorate degrees in business administration at Northcentral University, majoring in public administration and management; another of his qualifications is in human resources management. Graduate of the United States Army Command and General Staff College and of the United States Army War College, where he was conferred a Master’s degree in strategy. Currently President & CEO of the Peregrine Leadership Institute and the Peregrine Academic Services – businesses with operations in 45 countries across the globe
  • Mr Piotr Bucki – has 17 years of experience of helping people upgrade their communication skills in a variety of areas, drawing on cognitive psychology, neurosciences and psycholinguistics; published such books as Porozmawiajmy o komunikacji [Let’s Talk of Communication], Złap równowagę [Strike a Balance], and Life’s a Pitch and Then You Die; collaborates with Poland’s leading business start-up centers – e.g. LPNT, Inkubator Starter, GPNT, and PPNT– as well as with Start-Up Chile, the world’s largest government program of this sort, or Slovenia’s and Austria’s business incubators
  • Mr Paweł Gąsiorowski – CEO of Contact Center Pekao SA, is responsible for the remote distribution channels, customers’ experience, banking services for individual clients, SME and corporate clients; for over 20 years, he has held managerial positions and has been responsible for the development of innovative solutions in digital marketing, services and sales for the financial sector; his experience includes strategy, modern sales channels, marketing segmentation, business processes, development, management and implementation of change programs at the strategic and operational levels in retail and corporate banking, insurance companies and the Independent Financial Advisors (IFA)
  • Ms Daria Lewandowska – certified FRIS trainer; ICF coach; manager for qualifications, training, and development; her primary activity areas are personal development, awareness expansion, and building interpersonal relationships; specializes in talent discovery, assessment and management using Gallup methodology; supports teams and organizations in implementing Strengths-Based Development tools and Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 report analysis
  • Mr Dariusz Rajca – trainer, advisor, and mediator with more than 20 years of professional experience; has led over 1 000 training events for a total of 20 000 trainees; has been running his own training and consulting business since 1998; teaches business communication, negotiation, leadership, and management to MBA Program students
  • Mr U. Raut-Roy (Roy) – Currently Roy is a Senior Lecturer in University of Northampton, England. Roy has lived in India, England, Switzerland, and North-Africa and worked for various national and international organisations. He was the Programme Leader for MBA and other master’s programmes for many years.   His area of interest is in field of Strategic Management and Organisational Behaviour. He has published numerous peer reviewed articles, given conference papers and run management workshops in different countries. He was the Chief External Examiner and External for MBA and Masters programmes at three business schools in UK. Roy’s consultancy activities include projects for Swiss and Belgian companies
  • Ms Grażyna Witkowska-Mrozek – banker and businesswoman with 25 years of work experience in the financial sector – private banking and wealth management; has held managerial positions in such areas as sales, client acquisition, distribution channels, point-of-sale networks, product portfolio building, and customer relationships; has developed or co-developed bank assurance products, payment and ATM card products, SME products, and investment fund products; has been engaged in the delivery of on-shore and off-shore services, investment advisory services, portfolio management services, financial and tax planning services, life cycle management services, and art advisory services; for 10 years has maintained close links with the Swiss market; member of business associations such as e.g. the Gdańsk Business Club [Gdański Klub Biznesu] or the Family Enterprise Initiative [Stowarzyszenie Inicjatywa Firm Rodzinnych]
  • Mr Robert Wolszon – Associate Partner at Deloitte, with many-years experience in auditing across diverse industries; collaborates with public listed companies and multinational corporations; employed with Deloitte since 2014, specializes in Polish accounting standards and International Financial Reporting Standards; engaged in a number of due diligence and IPO projects; certified auditor and Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA).

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