The way I see it, leadership is an ability to define strategy and vision, and then to identify the goals and measures that strategy implementation involves. At the same time, leadership is associated with an ability to build high-performance teams and to inspire and motivate people in the pursuit of a shared goal. Effective leaders have to be able, in the first place, to accurately diagnose where their organization currently is, and to decide where they want it to be – through formulating and adjusting their strategies. On the way, they need to make the right business decisions and to influence people in the organization toward the attainment of organizational goals. As part of the Leadership MBA program, participants will have a unique opportunity to attend workshops conducted by Deloitte experts and to learn to assess a company’s performance by e.g. interpreting its financial reports.

Robert Wolszon
Associate Partner at Deloitte, MBA Leadership Program instructor

MBA Leadership Program's partners

„Deloitte” is a brand that stands for tens of thousands of dedicated professionals throughout the world collaborating to provide high-value services to their clients. With more than 2,200 staff, Deloitte Poland is among the country’s leading providers of professional consulting services in six major areas: audit, tax advisory, consulting, risk management, financial advisory, and legal advisory.

Peregrine Leadership Institute
Peregrine Leadership Institute ( develops values-based leaders for businesses, nonprofit entities, and government agencies throughout the world by focusing on applied leadership concepts and principles taught using interactive seminars by experienced leadership professionals. The Institute is based in Gillette, Wyoming (US) and its focus is on practical, applied leadership whereby the participants can readily use the information to improve their personal leadership approaches and help promote the mission and values of their organization so that they can truly make a difference. Peregrine leverages a diversity of perspectives to help others grow and develop into effective leaders, as observed through the results of our workshops conducted throughout the US, East Asia, Europe, India, and Africa.

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