MBA Studies are among the most prestigious courses for managers. Since I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for many years and my knowledge is based mainly on this sector, studying will let me expand my knowledge more globally in economics and management of a company and human resources. I have been very satisfied with the classes. The instructors are extraordinarily professional, have great knowledge and approach students with huge respect.

Magdalena Rut
MBA Program student at WSB University in Gdańsk


MBA Program fees:

  • registration fee at PLN 300
  • admission fee at PLN 200
  • tuition fee (see table below)
  • graduation fee at PLN 1,700.

Convenient payment schemes

Polish language path    

Number of paymentsAmount payableAggregate tuition
single down paymentPLN 29 500 PLN 29 500 
3 per-semester installmentsPLN 10 850PLN 32 550 
15 monthly installmentsPLN 2270PLN 34 050 

English language path

Number of paymentsAmount payableAggregate tuition
single down payment32 500 zł 32 500 zł 
3 per-semester installments11 850 zł 35 550 zł 
15 monthly installments2470 zł 37 050 zł 

The University guarantees to keep the tuition fee unchanged throughout the run of the Program.

Price promotions:

  • for WSB University alumni
Date enrolled from Mar 26 to Jul 1, 2019 from Jul 2 to Sep 15, 2019
 Discount entitlement 

PLN 3 500

+ waiver of registration fee

PLN 2 500

+ waiver of registration fee
  • for holders of degrees from other institutions of higher education
Date enrolled from Mar 26 to Jul 1, 2019from Jul 2 to Sep 15, 2019
Discount entitlement

PLN 2 000

PLN 1 000

Step 1. Make sure you meet the admission criteria for the MBA Program:

  • a higher education degree
  • at least 3 years of prior work experience (preferably in a management position)

Step 2. Collect all required documents:

  • your personal questionnaire form along with your application for admission
  • a photocopy of your first- (Bachelor’s) or second-cycle (Master’s) degree award certificate (original to be presented for review)
  • your career resume
  • two signed copies of the educational service contract
  • proof of payment of the registration and admission fees into Raiffeisen Polbank account no. 49 1750 1152 0000 0000 0169 4038 (quote the applicant’s first and last name as the payment title)
  • one of the documents specified below to prove their English skills:
    • a photocopy of a valid language qualification (TOEFL, IELTS, FCE taken in 2013 or later, CAE, CPE, LCCI English for Business Level 2, JET SET Level 5, BEC Higher)
    • a photocopy of a higher education diploma certifying the award of a degree in English philology (original to be presented for review)
    • a certificate of completion of higher or secondary education in an English-speaking country.

Applicants who cannot prove their level of English with any of the above-listed certificates will be required to take a language proficiency test as part of their interview. The test has a written and an oral part.

Step 3. File all documents and make your interview appointment.

Admission into the MBA Program is based on the information provided in your application and on the outcome of your interview. In the interview, applicants are assessed for their managerial acumen, leadership potential, and their motivation for enrolling in an MBA program.



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