The WSB Universities are student-friendly institutions of higher business education that focus on providing business skills and competencies that are key to a successful professional career. The WSB Group’s philosophy is founded on practice-oriented programs, transparent course design, and friendly and supportive student services.


Practical focus

  •          We adjust our range of educational products dynamically to keep pace with the job market and employers’ requirements
  •          We seek the advice of the business community in curriculum design, we involve more and more businesses as partners and consultants for selected study programs and majors, and we track alumni career paths
  •          We engage business practitioners in the classroom
  •          We place emphasis on interactive methods of instruction such as case studies, simulations, and workshops to teach useful, practical skills and knowledge

Efficient services

  •          Classes scheduled with working adults in mind
  •          Convenient locations and modern classrooms
  •          Work hours of service departments (such as Faculty Office, Library, Financial Services, Career Services) aligned with students’ needs
  •          Extensive library collections (more than 100,000 discipline-specific books, magazines and journals) relevant to students’ learning requirements
  •          Friendly, helpful and solution-oriented service staff whose attitude toward students is based on mutual respect
  •          Accessibility for the disabled (barrier-free campuses)

Distance education technology

  •          Innovative technology solutions: electronic student records, Wi-Fi access points and Internet booths all over the campus, and a mobile WSB website optimized for handheld devices including smartphones available at
  •          Extranet and Moodle for quick and comfortable access to online course materials and other educational content

Rich offerings

  • first-cycle (Bachelor’s) programs
  • second-cycle (Master’s) programs
  • postgraduate courses
  • Aalto Executive MBA program 
  • MBA programs
  • language courses
  • specialized training and globally recognized business certificates
  • Universities of All Ages
  • Flexible tuition payment plans (convenient installments)

Each year, the WSB Universities are assessed by their students through a questionnaire survey. This means that their satisfaction levels are continuously monitored and that improvements can be regularly introduced in the different areas of student-University interaction.

The Universities are frequently visited by guest speakers who give lectures, talks and workshops for the benefit of WSB MBA students. We have already hosted such luminaries as:

  •         Andrzej Blikle – full professor at the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, honorary member of the Polish Information Processing Society, member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts
  •          Witold Orlowski – a celebrated economist, full professor of economics, secretary of the Research Council of the Polish Economic Society, member of the Committee for Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  •          Dariusz Rosati – member of the European Parliament, member of the Economic Advisory Group to European Commission President Romano Prodi
  •          Robert Cialdini – professor of psychology at Arizona State University, specialized in social psychology, best known as the author of the widely read book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”
  •          Philip Zimbardo – an American psychologist, professor emeritus at Stanford University, best known for the Stanford prison experiment, founder of the Shyness Clinic, author of many books.


WSB Universities – leaders among MBA program providers in Poland*. Superior quality of instruction is assured by 19-years’ experience in the delivery of MBA programs, international academic partnerships with universities from 2 countries, and seasoned faculty with rich, hands-on business experience. This high standard is acknowledged by students and alumni: according to the 2018 Brand Attributes Survey, an impressive 9 of 10 our MBA students have recommended WSB studies to others.

* in quantitative terms



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