To be honest, I didn't expect my studies to be that engaging. Often before the classes you have to read a lot of materials and later on write assignments. With a full-time job and being a parent, it is really quite a challenge. This is a course for the highly motivated! I particularly appreciate the group work during the congresses, which provides an opportunity to discuss the discussed issues with managers from other companies, to benefit from their experiences and to broaden your own horizons. The people who study with me have varied experience - both in terms of the industries they work in, their working years and the roles they have played in their careers. They also have teams of different sizes but, interestingly, many of the problems are similar regardless of the size or nature of the business. We just look at them often through different glasses.

Małgorzata Błoch
Head of Delivery, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Executive MBA student at WSB University in Poznań

Executive MBA in Poznan program fees:

  • registration fee at PLN 300
  • examination fee at PLN 200
  • tuition fee (see below)
  • graduation fee at EUR 750.

Flexible payment system:

Number of payments
Amount payable
Aggregate tuition
PLN 37 000  PLN 37 000 

PLN 19 500  PLN 39 000 
PLN 10 250  PLN 41 000 
20 PLN 2 150 PLN 43 000 

The University guarantees that the tuition fees shall remain fixed throughout the run of the Program.


  • Discount on a one-year postgraduate course 
Candidates who sign up for the Executive MBA program will receive a discount on a one-year postgraduate course of their choice in the form of a non-transferrable voucher valid for 2 years from completion of the Program. The discount will be 50% – for enrolments completed till September 15, 2021. 
  • Promotion for WSB alumni

Complete rules and regulations can be obtained from the Executive MBA Program Office.

1. Meet the admission requirements for the Executive MBA program:

  • a second–degree (Master’s)
  • at least 3 years of prior work experience.

2. Collect all required documents, fill in and sign where applicable:

  • a personal questionnaire form
  • documentation of work experience or a certificate of entry in the business register
  • résumé in English
  • covering letter in English
  • 2 copies of the educational contract
  • an authenticated (by a WSB employee or a notary public) photocopy of your higher education diploma
  • a recent photo (35 x 45 mm)
  • a certificate of proficiency in English (TOEFL, FCE dated later than 2016, CAE, CPE, LCCI level 3, BEC Higher), if applicable
  • proof of payment of the examination and the registration fees to the School’s account: Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA 95 1750 1019 0000 0000 0161 1828 title/reference: Executive MBA.

Applicant Account

We recommend that you set up an Applicant Account to carry on with your online application process. To find out how to can set up your Applicant’s Account, take a look at tap: Signing up via the Applicant’s Account.

3. Submit all the documents collected at Phase 2 to the Executive MBA Program Office – by mail, in person or via the Applicant’s Account – and make appointments for the interview and the language exam.

To be enrolled in the Program, a candidate must be successful at the interview and the language exam.
Candidates are free to choose their preferred form of exam – oral or written.


Select the MBA program you want, start the online application process, and click on “Set up your Applicant’s Account” in the right upper corner.


Set up your Applicant’s Account to find instructions that will guide you throughout the application process. The Account will also show a list of documents you need to file to apply into your MBA program.

If you already are a WSB University student or graduate, you can skip the “Set up your Applicant’s Account” step and sign in using your Extranet login and password.


Once you have set up your Applicant’s Account and filled out the application form, you have 7 days to compile and deliver all the accompanying documents. Via the Applicant’s Account, you can do it online from your home.


Wait for feedback from us. We will advise you when your application has been accepted. We will also let you know if any errors or omissions are found.


Once your application has been accepted, you should schedule your interview. After the interview, sign your education service contract and submit it via your Applicant’s Account.

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