Wyższą Szkołę Bankową w Poznaniu wybrałam z dwóch powodów: po pierwsze jako pracująca matka nie wyobrażam sobie zjazdów poza Poznaniem, a drugim powodem jest fakt, że WSB cieszy się największą renomą w regionie. Ostatecznie do tej konkretnie uczelni przekonały mnie zajęcia próbne, w których wzięłam udział z rocznikiem wcześniejszym. Po pierwszych zjazdach mam pozytywne odczucia. Zajęcia są ciekawe, a uczestnicy zróżnicowani wiekowo, z różnym bagażem doświadczeń zawodowych. Fajne jest to, że mam na WSB do czynienia z ludźmi inteligentnymi, ambitnymi i ciekawymi świata.
Beata Broczkowska
Dyrektor zarządzający, Coframa sp. z o.o., słuchaczka programu Aalto Executive MBA w WSB w Poznaniu

The Aalto Executive MBA in Poznan takes 2 years to complete. Meetings are held once in a month, on average, from 3 to 9 p.m. on Fridays, from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays, and from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays. The curriculum is composed of 22 modules, each comprising a minimum of 26 class hours scheduled over a single weekend. 


  • up to 75% of coursework is in English
  • remaining part – in Polish.

The teaching methods
The teaching methods used include: lectures, case studies, individual and group presentations, workshops and exercises,
simulation and computer games, personality tests, discussions, individual consultations.

Course materials
Prior to a session/meeting, the participants are provided, free of charge, with a complete package of course materials. The content is supplied by respective instructors and is specific to each course. Each pack includes:

  • a module description
  • the course leader’s career résumé

Depending on the course, the package may contain some or all of the following:

  • instructor-supplied content
  • digests
  • examples and exercises for self-study
  • case studies
  • readings in theory
  • legal acts
  • questionnaires
  • tests.

Exclusively for Aalto Executive MBA in Poznan students, WSB University has created a collection of professional readings recommended by Polish and international instructors. Students can also use the WSB library and reading rooms as well as the Internet-based student portal called Extranet.

Extranet is the WSB Universities’ in-house communication solution – an internet-based platform that has been developed to cut down on red tape and streamline the flow of information to and from our students. Using the Extranet, students can be in 24/7 contact with their WSB University and, from wherever they are in the world, access such information as:

  • class schedules
  • tuition payment information
  • course materials
  • the library catalog
  • notifications of class rescheduling, announcements, and breaking news.

Administrative support
To make your study experience even more enjoyable and care-free, effective support from the cohort manager and the Aalto EMBA in Poznan Program Office staff is available at all times:

  • Barbara Walkowska – Aalto Executive MBA in Poznan Program Director
  • Anna Szyszka.

Comfortable facilities

  • All classes are held on the WSB University's premises
  • All classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia technology
  • The participants can use their personal computers in class and take full advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Completion requirements
Class attendance is obligatory. Classes are designed to combine:

  • learning through direct contact with instructor-expert
  • intense cooperation with other Program participants
  • participating in in-class discussions and in group tasks
  • sharing one’s knowledge and skills with others.

Every module ends with a final written assignment, to be prepared according to the requirements and guidelines set by the instructor at the beginning of the course. Among the criteria they may evaluate are student’s involvement, individual and group presentations, group tasks reports, written case studies analyses, individual tests and written assignments.

The Aalto Executive MBA in Poznan degree is conferred jointly by Aalto University and the WSB University in Poznan, therefore the degree award certificate is issued in English.

To earn the degree, a student must successfully complete 20 modules and a business management project. Along with the degree award certificate, a transcript is provided detailing all modules completed and grades earned along with the names of module leaders and their home institutions.

In addition, Aalto Executive MBA in Poznan program graduates receive a completion certificate of a postgraduate course in business management from the WSB University in Poznan. 

Master Awards for best performing students

In November each year, a graduation ceremony is held to celebrate the Aalto Executive MBA in Poznan degree awards. The graduates receive their English-language degree certificates from high representatives of the WSB University in Poznan and Aalto University. The event is always attended by a number of special guests and graduates’ families. Furthermore, the top performers are presented with Master awards – unique, handmade statues. 

The whole program is divided into four thematic concentrations:

  1. Company Management
  2. Financial Expertise
  3. International Business and Management Issues
  4. Communication and Marketing Skills.

Within each concentration there are core and elective modules delivered.
The Business Project and the International Week bring together knowledge from all four concentrations.

1. Company Management
Managerial know-how and qualifications are long-lasting factors that give companies a competitive advantage and as such should be a priority for every business. That is why modules in this concentration aim at providing state-of-the-art knowledge to all mid-level and top managers.
The subjects covered will help with:

  • development of state of the art managerial competencies
  • the ability to implement innovative solutions
  • improving management processes
  • students’ work on designing career paths for themselves and others as well as on managing their personal image. In addition, the selected set of topics introduces program participants to commonly encountered company management problems, to management methods and techniques, to total quality management systems compliant with current legal regulations, to business ethics issues, and to the importance of informal networks in company management. A realistic business game lets students test their entrepreneurial and managerial skills, while individual and team projects improve skills connected with identifying and analysing problems, using appropriate systemic and operational practices to develop realistic and effective solutions.

Core modules:
General Management - dr Włodzimierz Wudarzewski, dr Jerzy Jagoda
Strategic Human Resource Management - Hertta Vuorenmaa, Ph.D.
Strategic Management - J. Michael Geringer Ph.D. 
Business Law - dr Mariusz Piotrowski
Business Simulations - Michał Błoński

Elective modules:
Total Quality Management - dr hab. Jacek Łuczak
Project Management – Grzegorz Szałajko

Financial Expertise
Modules in this concentration provide students with an understanding of modern methods and techniques used in analysis
and development of corporate finances.
Program participants will:

  • gain practical skills in using financial and managerial accounting instruments in everyday company operations
  • discover the arcana of controlling and financial risk management in order to further increase their own confidence and effectiveness.

This concentration also covers modern concepts in accounting, finance, investment risk, and economics for managers. At the
same time, it shows how to use the knowledge in real business situations when making strategic and operational decisions.
Every student will also learn to analyse components of financial reports in order to effectively and easily use such data as the basis for managing company value and to make accurate decisions in areas that may affect a company’s financial results and its competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.

Core modules:
Financial Accounting - dr Józef Aleszczyk
Corporate Finance - dr Michel Muszyński
Management Accounting & Control - dr Remigiusz Napiecek
Economics for Executives - Arvind K. Jain, Ph.D.

Elective modules:
Tax Law - dr hab. Jacek Patyk
Financial Risk Management - Vesa Puttonen, Ph.D.

International Business & Management Issues
Modules in this concentration provide an understanding of the processes taking place in the global economy. They also
expand and organize participants’ knowledge of economics by emphasizing the international context of the modern enterprise.
In-depth presentation of the issues in this concentration not only equips participants with practical information on different areas of company operations but also provides them with additional managerial skills instrumental in managing a company in the international environment.
Participants will improve their skills in such spheres as:

  • identifying and solving interpersonal and cross-cultural challenges
  • conducting international negotiations
  • finding expansion opportunities abroad.

The ability to analyse domestic problems from an international perspective and to recognize cultural difference is the principal
objective of these modules, which are tailored not only to the needs of large corporations but also to those of small and medium
enterprises operating within the EU market.

Core modules:
Global Marketing - Damien McLoughlin, Ph.D.
Operations Management - Marja Blomqvist

Elective modules:
Cross-Cultural Management - Ben Nothnagel, Attorney At Law
International Business - Hannu Seristö, Ph.D.

Communication & Marketing Skills
This concentration offers classes that are mostly practical in nature and take the format of simulation games, workshops,
group presentations, and case studies. It is designed to provide up-to-date and relevant skills applicable in business
communication and marketing management, both locally and internationally.
Modules in this concentration present business communication and marketing management not only as a form of communication with the market aimed at generating sales and creating brand awareness, but also as a strategy ensuring long-term and sustainable growth of the company. Participants will acquire knowledge and skills needed to identify, understand, and function in the multicultural environment so characteristic of modern business. They will learn about modern marketing realities, improve their presentation techniques, and find out how to effectively communicate information of strategic
importance to their organization. They will also learn how to use psychological leadership and motivational techniques, discover how their personal style affects co-workers, design their personal plans in respect to power and influence development throughout their careers, understand mechanisms controlling behaviours in organizations, and increase their efficiency in dealing with situations that managers and administrators come across every day.

Core modules:
Management Communication - Michael J. Baker, BA, MA, EMBA
Organizational Behavior - Paul R. Timm, Ph.D.

Elective modules:
Leadership & Change Management - Gary Wagenheim, Ph.D.
Managing for Creativity - Min Basadur, Ph.D.

Business Project
In this module, teams of participants work with a client company to prepare analyses and practical recommendations related to
a selected area of company operation. Student teams utilize their newly acquired knowledge and skills to design novel solutions
that are applicable in corporate settings. Project teams work under the supervision of a business project coach, who is both a member of the Program’s faculty as well as a business consultant with rich experience gained in an international environment.
The business project verifies the following:

  • ability to utilize knowledge both in practice and in theoretical reasoning
  • efficient application of analytical techniques and methods used in managerial practice
  • ability to formulate problems and present one’s arguments properly and clearly
  • validity of project approach and research methods being applied
  • accurate selection of problem solution
  • ability to independently design solutions, both for strategic and operational management.

Off-campus module
The initial meeting is dedicated to induction and integration, and is therefore held off-campus. The WSB University covers all organizational expenses including meals and accommodation.

Free trials & Aalto Executive MBA Days
Anyone thinking of taking up the Aalto Executive MBA in Poznan program can, on request, attend part of a course held within the current edition of the program. The free trial is a perfect opportunity to explore the detailed content of a specific module, find out more about the assessment requirements and the atmosphere in the group, take a look at the course materials, and talk with the instructor as well as with the program participants.

Global Aalto Electives Baskets
Students in Aalto Executive MBA programs can engage in international mobilities to complete up to 6 modules at one or more nodes of the Aalto network. The network is composed of:
•  Aalto Executive MBA in Helsinki
•  Aalto Executive MBA in Poznan
•  Aalto Executive MBA in Singapore
•  Aalto Executive MBA in Taipei
•  Aalto Executive MBA in Seoul
•  Aalto Executive MBA in Teheran.

Networking with students and alumni of international Aalto programs is an unquestionable benefit of studying for the Executive MBA degree in Poznań. Aalto Executive MBA in Poznan program has already been completed by managers from such companies as e.g.: Bank Zachodni WBK SA, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals SA, Hewlett-Packard sp. z o.o., Johnson&Johnson sp. z o.o., Kraft Foods Polska sp. z o.o., NIVEA Polska, Philips Lighting Poland, PKO BP SA, Siemens sp. z o.o., Unilever Polska SA, Volkswagen Motor Polska sp. z o.o., Wrigley Poland sp. z o.o.

Aalto Executive Summit
The Aalto Executive Summit brings together participants from all of the hubs in the Aalto Executive Education network – from Helsinki, Singapore, Taipei, Jakarta, Poznan, and Tehran. During a week’s stay in Helsinki or Singapore, the students complete two course modules, meet local business leaders, and make lots of new business contacts. Each year, the Summit is attended by around a hundred Aalto EMBA students. Every Aalto EMBA participant can attend one or both of the Summit events held in Helsinki and Singapore, for a total of 2 modules to complete.

A prestigious MBA degree
The degree certificate is issued in English by Aalto University and the WSB University in Poznań. Each graduate is also given a transcript detailing all modules completed and grades earned along with the names of module instructors and their home institutions.

Study Tour
Program participants can also take part in the Aalto Executive MBA Study Tour to one of America’s most prestigious universities. The tour usually lasts a week and combines academic components with business practice. 

Graduation ceremony
Each year, the University holds an Aalto Executive MBA in Poznan graduation ceremony. Attended by both the schools’ authorities, instructors and honorable guests, the ceremony builds a pleasant and sublime atmosphere in which to confer the prestigious MBA degree on all successful graduates. The top performers receive additional honors – statues of the Master award. 

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