The Executive program in International Hotel Management is precisely the kind of education that someone with more than 15 years of experience in hotel management is looking for. It allows you to study and continue your career at the same time. Getting to know people from more than 17 different countries gives you a network that will remain with you forever, and also a great advantage in the hospitality industry. The teachers are all very experienced and you get to know different approaches even in the courses that you think you know very well.

Patrícia Purshotam Morais
Class of 2020, General Manager, Sana Hotels

9 months of executive education + 6 months of industry experience (optional)

This Master’s is purpose-designed to be studied alongside your current professional role. Easily adapted to your schedule, choose from two versions of blended faculty-supported distance learning or a fully online experience. You also have the option to take a six-month internship at the conclusion of your studies.

Curriculum summary

During the 9-month academic term, you will complete 6 modules, covering the fundamentals of business management and new concepts for today’s hospitality leaders.

Packed with high level business and management content, this program allows you to advance your hospitality education without the need to take time off your current position.

The courses are grouped in modules, and you can organize your own schedule according to your needs.
Classes are available 24 hours a day, plus there are weekly personal tutorials with faculty that accommodate all time zones.


Your choice: blended learning or 100% Online

This program gives you the option of learning from home and coming to campus for guest lectures, industry visits and networking events; or complete the course 100% online.

With the blended learning option, you’ll study remotely and attend on-campus activities that last one week. The rest of the time, our teachers will be at your disposal.

The 100% online option gives you the ability to complete the program at your own pace from home as you advance through the modules. Classes are available 24/7 for you to learn at your own pace. You can also speak directly with faculty through a weekly tutorial offered twice within the same day to accomodate all our students in different time zones.

Choose the study option that best suits your schedule.


6 month internship (optional)

Students can opt to complete 6 months of industry experience following the blended learning program - either in their current company or on an internship arranged by Les Roches Marbella.

Through this industry experience, you will put your newly developed skills into practice in an international hotel or hospitality establishment. Many students on internships will begin a management training program.


The Executive Master’s will prepare you for a successful career in the high-demand areas of hotel management. The curriculum is divided into 6 modules, which cover a wide range of subjects related to hospitality, tourism and hotel business.

Module 1

A Practical Approach to Protocol and Etiquette
Innovative, Alternative & Sustainable Trends in Tourism

Module 2

Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Marketing Strategies for Hotel Management

Module 3

Revenue Management
Advanced Hospitality Operations

Module 4

Entrepreneurship and Business Modeling
Advanced Finance and Budgeting
Data Analytics (Digital) for Decision Making

Module 5

International Human Resources
Project Management

Module 6

International Business Strategy
Hospitality Real Estate and Investment
Crisis Management


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