XII Zjazd Absolwentów!

Drodzy Absolwenci! Nie może Was zabraknąć na XII Zjeździe Absolwentów, który odbędzie się 16 czerwca 2018 r. w Wyższej Szkole Bankowej w Poznaniu. Aby wziąć udział w spotkaniu, wystarczy wypełnić poniższy formularz. Do zobaczenia! 

Program spotkania:

  • 09.00 -12.15 - warsztaty z Dianą Weinberg, budynek BR, sala 102
  • 12.15- 13.00 - lunch
  • 13.00– 15.00 - warsztaty z Dianą Weinberg cz. II
  • 19.30 - spotkanie wieczorne przy kolacji, restauracja TASAKY ul. Za Bramką 1

Kilka słów o prowadzącej warsztat:
Dr. Diana Weinberg,Guest Professor, HWR, Berlin was born in Mexico and has lived in various countries including the US, Austria, Germany, Israel and France. Diana has worked in government, the private sector and academia. Diana´s main interest lies in politics, business and education in emerging markets. She has a PhD in international business and marketing, and regularly gives trainings to businesspeople and diplomats in various countries.

Warsztat: “Business Diplomacy in Multinational Corporations: The Role of Government and Non-State Actors in Business”
This short training will introduce the notion of business diplomacy in multinational corporations. As multinationals are not alone in deciding business strategy, government and other non-state actors have been taking an interest in how business deals with society and the consequences of business strategy on people and the environment. As corporate social responsibility has been increasing in importance, so has business diplomacy. We will review the theoretical underpinnings of establishing and sustaining positive relations with stakeholders in safeguarding a positive corporate image and building up a reputation of being socially responsible. As excellent diplomatic and negotiating skills are required in building and managing these relations within and without, we will be also reviewing the role of negotiation in business diplomacy.

WSB Poznań Aalto Executive MBA